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Why should I exercise?


Physical activity has a range of health benefits which include:

  • managing your weight
  • increasing energy levels and reducing tiredness
  • reducing the risk of developing certain illnesses (such as cancer and diabetes)


We need to make more time for exercise, as we're much less active in our daily lives than we used to be.

  • In the past, many people were physically active as part of their jobs and/or daily lives. But now many people work in office environments and our homes are filled with energy saving devices. 
  •  Private car usage in the UK rose by 61% from 1976 to 2001
    Source: Department for Transport (National Travel Survey)
  • The average person in the UK walks 66 miles less than they did 25 years ago
  • Television viewing has doubled since the 1960s
    Source: House of Commons Health Committee – Third Report in Session 2003-04


This sedentary lifestyle contributes to overweight and in the longer term can contribute to poor health.


How do we bring activity back into our daily lives?

    We need to seize any opportunity to reduce the amount of time we spend sitting, we need to learn how to bring activity back into our lifestyle.

    Click here for further ideas on building activity into your daily lifestyle.


    What are the benefits of physical activity?

    Click here for further details.




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