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Medical assistance

Your doctor's surgery may be able to help you with weight loss.

Some doctors run obesity clinics or can refer you to a dietitian (* see below). They will not be able to give you any miracle diets, but you may find the support of being in a group, or from speaking to a dietitian, helpful. What is on offer varies from area to area, so contact your GP's surgery for information.

There are prescription-only drugs available to help obese people with a BMI of 30 or over to lose weight loss. These are not, however, miracle drugs and need to be used in combination with a healthy diet and exercise plan.Weight loss drugs can only be prescribed for one year and they have the same problems as diets - if you do not change your underlying behaviour you will put the weight back on again. For more details click here.

There is also surgery, available for people who are extremely obese (BMI 40 or over), but surgery carries a risk of dangerous side-effects. Click here for more information about surgery.

* Dietitians

You can be referred to see a dietitian at your GP practice or local hospital. Dietitians have specialist training in nutrition and they are able to provide practical dietary advice.

A dietitian will be able to tailor their advice to suit your individual needs and circumstances.

There are a number of other organisations which can provide dietary information and help, click here to find out more.


Weight Loss Medication

Weight Loss Surgery

Other sources of support

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