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Shape-Up programme

Shape-Up is a lifestyle programme that can help you manage your weight, improve your health and improve your quality of life.

What makes Shape-Up special?

  • Shape-Up is not a diet or an eating plan. And it is not just about weight loss.
  • It is a psychological approach to managing eating and physical activity over the long term.
If you want to control your weight, understanding your own eating patterns and learning to deal with temptation is as important as knowing what to eat. The Shape-Up Workbook was produced by psychologists working with nutrition, exercise and health promotion specialists, to maximise your chance of success.


  • Whilst it can help people who want to lose weight, the Shape-Up programme is also useful for people who want to avoid putting on more weight.
  • This is particularly important because research has shown that people who are overweight or obese are likely to keep on putting on weight through their life.
  • Shape-Up is also about keeping healthy
The Shape-Up Workbook
  • Workbook, consisting of 5 modules (£16.99)
The Shape-Up Programme will help you to:
  • limit further weight gain
  • achieve modest weight loss
  • get into a regular eating pattern
  • balance the types of food that you eat
  • reduce your tendency to overeat
  • become more physically active
  • develop a healthier lifestyle
Important Information

To check whether the Shape-Up programme is suitable for you, please click here.

Case Studies - How Shape-Up is being used

Click here for a summary of ACE's (Anglian Community Enterprise) annual report on how they ran their Shape-Up groups.

If you have ran and evaluated Shape-Up groups, please contact us.


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