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One family’s experience

One family's experience

Linda is mother to twins Ethan and Eilony who first used Tiny Tastes when they were 3 years of age...

"We weaned the children using vegetables and my husband and I made sure we ate lots of vegetables in front of them but they were still suspicious of new things and reluctant to try some foods, especially green vegetables. My husband would try to make yummy faces when eating celery but even he didn’t really like it and I think they picked up on that. I was impressed when the pack arrived, it looked really good and the twins were excited, they really liked the stickers. The twins now ask for vegetables and when I cook with mushrooms I have to chop them up and get them into the pan quickly, otherwise the children will be in the kitchen trying to eat them! I now keep cherry tomatoes and sugar snap peas in a bowl in the fridge and they just disappear, which is amazing because Eilony used to hate tomatoes. I also give them portions of raw vegetables in their school lunch boxes and they always eat them and enjoy them. I can't even remember which vegetable we played Tiny Tastes with first because we have done it with so many; tomatoes, sugar snap peas, mushrooms, celery and so on.

I think it made them more willing to try new things. Overall they are now good at eating their vegetable, even cooked vegetable like broccoli and cauliflower they are keen to eat. I am surprised that now, even two years later they are still happy to try things, I expected them to revert back to that normal children thing of refusing to eat certain foods but they haven't.

I think Tiny Tastes works so well because it involves the children and makes it into a game ...For me, the fact that Tiny Tastes is based on scientific research is really important. I don't take anything just on word of mouth and the fact there is scientific reasons behind it and it's not just an 'old wives tale' is really important. I think the fact that Tiny Tastes is open and honest and involves the children is one of the main reasons it works so well; I don't really like other methods of getting children to eat vegetables, like blending them or hiding them in other foods. It was so easy it took the stress out of getting the children to try things, it was just a case of grabbing some raw vegetable, washing it and playing the game and they were really enthusiastic about it as well which made it so much less stressful.

I have been telling everyone I know with young children about Tiny Tastes. Now that Tiny Tastes packs are available to buy I will recommend them to everyone but I might also buy some myself to give as presents".


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