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Take a moment to reflect on your previous weight gain


Identifying and noting down the factors that helped or hindered you in the past, can help you to better plan what sort of support you need to lose weight now.


  1. What factors do you think led you to gain weight?
  2. Was your weight gain linked to a particular time in your life – for example, having children, stopping work, giving up smoking?
  3. What factors do you think have helped you to lose weight in the past?
  4. Reflect on the last time you were able to lose weight. What was different between then and now? For example, did you have someone to support you, were you more active, did you have less opportunity to snack between meals?
  5. If you lost weight, then put it back on, what factors do you think caused you to regain weight?
  6. How quickly did the weight come back on again? Why do you think you found it difficult to stick to your changed eating and activity patterns?
  7. What have you learned from previous weight loss attempts that can help you stick with eating or activity changes this time?

Download a pdf of the 'Reflecting on your Weight Gain' Worksheet




* Content on this page is produced with the kind permission of the British Heart Foundation, which is the joint copyright owner with Weight Concern


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