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The Big Panel

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What is it?
The Big Panel is an online panel of people who have first-hand experience of being overweight and going through the trials and tribulations of weight loss.

What's it for?
Through online forms and questionnaires the panel members will provide us with valuable information about weight including:

  • What matters to you regarding weight management and what areas you want help with the most
  • What strategies people use to control their weight
  • Which methods are the most effective
  • How people manage to maintain their weight loss over a long period of time.
This kind of information will help us to direct our charity aims and objectives and to understand more about weight management, how people can improve their chances of losing weight, and keeping it off.

Panel members will also be invited to write about their personal experiences of being overweight. Such stories will offer inspiration and support to other members.

We're also keen to hear your opinions on weight-related issues, particularly those that receive media attention. Through voting polls, members can let us know what they are actually thinking, giving us the ability to represent your views.

What will I have to do?
As a member of the panel you will receive surveys and questionnaires via your email address.

SURVEYS - These will be short voting-poll style questions to gauge your opinions on particular subjects. E.g. Do you think that food advertising affects the foods you choose to eat?

QUESTIONNAIRES - Occasionally we will also send you questionnaires to complete. These will be more in-depth than the surveys and will focus on particular topics. E.g. Your experience and opinions of different weight-loss regimes.

Who can Join?
You can join the panel if you:
  • Are currently overweight and would like to lose weight
  • Have been overweight in the past, but managed to lose weight and keep it off.
You also need to be at least 18 years old, a UK resident and have your own email address.

How can I Join?
Joining the panel is easy. Simply register your email address with us via the link below and you will be added to our mailing list. There is no cost for joining and you can cancel your membership at any time. All the information you give us will remain completely confidential.

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