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Weight Concern's opinion on issues


Weight Concern believes the school environment should facilitate healthy growth in pupils. In practice this means:

  • Weight Concern believes that vending machines can be available in schools, but should only contain 'healthy' food and not high-sugar, high-fat, or high-salt snacks
  • Weight Concern is opposed to the provision of school materials, for example exercise books, with food or beverage advertising on or within them
  • Weight Concern is opposed to promotional activity for high-sugar, high-fat, or high-salt products (eg crisps and chocolate) linked to saving tokens to provide equipment for schools or youth clubs


Weight Concern is opposed to food advertising targeted at children via any media and at any time of the day.

Terminology related to overweight
Fat is not an acceptable or useful term for doctors to use in raising the issue of weight. Please click here
for our response.

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