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Support Weight Concern's Work

We rely on your support to continue our work in helping to understand and treat obesity. If you work for or are a representative of a company that could help, please visit the page 'How companies can help Weight Concern.'

How individuals can help:


You can become a 'Friend' of Weight Concern, and help us continue with our important work by making a one-off or a monthly donation through our Virgin MoneyGiving service.

Weight is a difficult topic for many and there remains a belief within society that individuals are solely responsible for their weight problems. Here at Weight Concern we have a different view. We believe that it is important to support and empower people to live a healthy lifestyle. Our mission is to improve the understanding of health professionals and the public about the causes, consequences and treatments of overweight and obesity, and to act as a 'voice' for those with first-hand experience of weight management in the UK. We aim to change things by providing clear, evidence-based information and programmes on weight management and health.

Every donation we receive allows us to continue spreading our Weight Concern message and we are hugely grateful for all support.

Click here to make a donation to Weight Concern.


If you would rather support us without receiving the newsletter then just click here to make a donation online.

Donations can also be made by sending a cheque in the post (Click here for contact details) or by setting up a standing order with your bank, so that a monthly or yearly donation is made without you having to do anything else.

Note: if you make a donation and are a tax payer we can reclaim the tax, so that for every £10 you give, the Inland Revenue gives us £2.80.


Do something - however small - to raise funds for the charity. Hold a charity coffee morning and invite your friends. Even if you can only raise £10 and have a good time then we will be happy - however small, your donation will help.

Organise a sponsored walk, or swim, or something equally fun. You do not need to run a marathon, a five mile walk through the woods that takes all afternoon can still raise money if you ask people you know to sponsor you. (Mind, if you do want to run a marathon, that is fine with us!)

If you want to run an event of this or any other type to raise money for Weight Concern, let us know and we will send you leaflets about the charity and a letter confirming that you are offering to raise money for us.

Click here for Richard's Story


Some people decide that they would like to leave money to a charity when they die.

If this is something you are interested in, your solicitor can give advice on will-making, and there are a number of self-help books on the subject. By giving to a charity you will know that good work can be done in your memory.

If you want to leave a legacy to Weight Concern, your solicitor will need to know our registered charity number, which is 1059686.


How companies can help Weight Concern

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