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Shape-Up Workbook

Shape-Up is a self-help weight management programme.

The Shape-Up workbook costs £16.99.

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The Shape Up workbook was written by psychologists, dietitians and physical activity experts to provide individuals with the information and skills they need to make long term changes to their eating and activity behaviours.

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  1. Getting ready to shape up
  2. The Shape-Up healthy eating plan
  3. Getting more active
  4. Shopping, cooking and eating out
  5. Keeping going


How to use the Shape-Up Workbook

We recommend that everyone should work through Sections 1, 2 and 3. It is best to start with Section 1 as this will help you with all the other sections too. It is up to you how long you spend on each one but you might want to aim to get through your sections within about 20 weeks. This is the time you'll need to learn the new skills. After that you will need to carry on applying those skills.

The Shape-Up workbook is not available in separate sections.

Download extra Shape-Up diaries, goalsheets and weight record sheets here


Important Information

To check whether the Shape Up programme is suitable for you, please click here.


2016 Edition of the Shape Up Manual

Occasionally the material in Shape Up is updated to reflect changes in nutrition or physical activity guidance. It was last updated in October 2016. The following changes were made: nutritional guidance was updated in line with the new Eatwell Guide; the alcohol guidance was updated; the guidance regarding fish consumption was updated; the information regarding interpreting claims on food labels was updated.


Shape Up Programme

For more information about the Shape Up programme, click here


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