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Aims & objectives

Weight Concern aims to address the physical and psychological needs of overweight people and to guide the development of more effective programs of prevention and treatment.

Other aims include:

  • increasing public knowledge about the causes, consequences and treatment of weight problems
  • improving access to weight management information and programmes for different patient groups
  • providing education and training for health professionals in the care of overweight patients
  • engaging with the public on weight-related issues


Weight Concern's short term objectives are to:

  • develop an adapted weight management programme for people with learning disabilities
  • expand the charity's training programme for health professionals
  • work more closely with our user group 'The Big Panel'


Weight Concern's medium-term objectives are to:

  • expand our website to offer further information and advice to children, teenagers and parents

What is The Big Panel?

The Big Panel is a group of over 1500 members of the public who have first-hand experience of being overweight and of going through the trials and tribulations of weight loss.

To ensure our charity continues to represent and support the needs of those who are overweight, it is vital that we keep in touch with our users.

We regularly contact the Big Panel with short surveys or questionnaires on issues related to obesity.

Join the debate- The Big Panel

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