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Ten Top Tips

Weight Concern has joined forces with Cancer Research UK to develop Ten Top Tips. 

Ten Top Tips is a simple leaflet-based intervention which focuses on forming healthy habits for weight management.  

The leaflet and logbook are designed for overweight adults. The leaflet gives advice and recommends ten healthy habits and the logbook provides tick-sheets so you can track your progress. You can downloaded both free of charge.


Ten Top Tips booklet

Ten Top Tips leaflets

Please click here to download leaflet.

Please click here to download logbook.


The Background of Ten Top Tips

Many people are familiar with the idea of getting into bad habits and how difficult it can be to change.  By understanding how habits are formed, it is possible to develop new healthy habits which can have long-lasting, positive effects on our health.

Ten Top Tips promotes the formation of healthy eating and activity habits, such as eating regularly, swapping to low fat foods and walking every day. Once healthy habits are formed, we are more likely to continue the healthy behaviour.


Research into Ten Top Tips

Research into Ten Top Tips has been conducted at University College London and Bond University in Australia. Three research studies, including a large randomised controlled trial, have now shown that participants given the Ten Top Tips lost more weight than control groups over the short term (3 months). Furthermore, this loss was maintained for up to 2 years and patients who received the leaflet reported a greater increase in the automaticity of the target behaviours, which suggests Ten Top Tips was effective at establishing new healthy habits.

The Science behind the Ten Top Tips

Extra information about the Ten Top Tips from the Cancer Research UK website


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