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Health Professionals feedback about weight management resources

We asked health professionals who attended our Science of Obesity Conference what they thought about the availability of weight management support and resources for the public.

1) What support or resources does the public need in managing their weight?

  • Regular input, consistent messages, psychological input
  • Structured/intensive programmes targeting weight loss/management including maintenance
  • Healthy workplace initiatives
  • Easy access to local gyms, exercise sessions at discounted rates
  • Easier access to specialist help and advice
  • Portion guides – age appropriate
  • Nutritional content of foods, simple ways to remember – e.g. traffic lights
  • Informal advice and support (without seeing dietitian/GP) such as community health fairs/events
  • Interactive resources rather than leaflets, e.g games
  • Longer term, on-going support for weight maintenance
  • Big gap – teenagers. Support for website?
  • Clear, concise and consistent messages
  • Publicly advertised simple steps, i.e. 5 a day

2) What support or resources do health professionals need to improve weight management services?

  • More time to work with patients
  • More conferences!
  • Support and funding
  • Joined up approach – multi-disciplinary: diet/healthy eating, family parenting programmes, family exercise, individual exercise/walking, cooking skills, health trainer support. No one programme suits all, so having several options available i.e. shape-up and weightwatchers
  • Robust service evaluation and audit of outcomes – essential for recommissioning!
  • Understanding from commissioners
  • Making/increasing referrals to and from other services and GPs.
  • Easier methods to measure outcomes
  • Allowing for longer appointments for these patients as 30 minutes is not long enough
  • Website info for teenagers

What do you think? Please email us with your thoughts at 

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